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By Garlitz Dentistry
November 06, 2019
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If you have suffered tooth loss or anticipate an extraction, what's your best tooth replacement option? Here at Garlitz Dentistry in dental  implantColumbia, SC, your dentist, Dr. Kyle Garlitz, restores damaged smiles with dental implants, the most secure and long-lasting way to fill gaps, restore oral function, and maintain bone in the jaw. Read on to learn how implants could be your path to a strong, complete smile.


After tooth loss

Your oral structure changes after you lose a tooth. The adjoining teeth shift position, moving toward the empty space. Your personal appearance changes, and so does your self-confidence. Furthermore, according to Dear Doctor, you can lose a full 25 percent of jawbone size and density within the first year of tooth loss, alone, an effect that traditional bridgework and dentures, sadly, cannot prevent.


Dental implants: a wonderful alternative

Dental implants are made of three parts:

  • A titanium screw placed right into the alveolar ridge of the jaw, serving as an artificial root
  • A metal extension post
  • A porcelain crown to recreate the function and appearance of a natural tooth

During a brief oral surgery at Garlitz Dentistry in Columbia, SC, your dentist will insert the implant into the empty tooth socket. Over time, your bone cells will grow around the device and fully integrate the titanium into the jaw. This bonding process is called osseointegration, and when complete, Dr. Garlitz will attach the post and crown to the initial piece, completing your brand new tooth!


Is it right for you?

Prior to the start of treatment, Dr. Garlitz carefully examines each of his prospective implant patients. Specifically, he wants to see enough bone in the jaw to support the titanium device, as well as that each patient does not have any concurrent issues with dental decay or gum disease. Don't worry—the vast majority of potential candidates end up qualifying for dental implants!


Why not explore dental implants?

Don't worry about your smile. Consult with Dr. Kyle Garlitz. He's an implant expert and will restore your smile, making it as though nothing ever happened. Phone the Columbia office team for an appointment today: (803) 736-8606.