Treating Tooth Loss

By Garlitz Dentistry
January 18, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Tooth loss is an unfortunate situation which, in the past, meant a permanent gap in your smile. However, thanks to modern dentistry, you tooth losshave several options to replace your missing teeth to fill in your gaps and get your smile back. Learn more about your tooth replacement options with Dr. Kyle Garlitz at Garlitz Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC.

What can I do about my missing tooth?

  • Dental Bridge: A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth by using the natural teeth surrounding the gap as an anchor. The bridge, which has a dental crown on either end, fits onto the natural teeth which then hold them securely and permanently in place. Between the two crowns lies a prosthetic tooth which sits on top of the gumline to fill in the gap.
  • Dentures: For those who have many gaps or no remaining natural teeth at all, dentures can renew their smile to restore its functionality and look. Full dentures, which contain a full arch of teeth, replacing all of the teeth on the bottom or top arch. Partial dentures, which resemble a full denture with one or more holes in it, allow any remaining healthy teeth to fit through, further supporting the denture and holding it in place.
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are a permanent and natural looking way to replace your teeth. Your dentist will assess your dental situation to determine if you are a good candidate for implants. If so, a metal post implanted surgically into the jaw’s bone holds the prosthetic tooth in place. Unlike dental bridges or dentures, implants stand alone and do not require any of your natural teeth to hold them in place.

Tooth Replacement in Columbia, SC
If you feel as though you should begin replacing your missing teeth, your dentist can help you determine which replacement option best suits your teeth and mouth. For example, a dental bridge requires two healthy natural teeth surrounding the gap. Dental implants require enough healthy bone underneath the missing tooth to hold it securely in place. For more information on tooth loss or replacing your missing teeth, please contact Dr. Garlitz at Garlitz Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC. Call (803) 736-8606 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Garlitz today!