Restore Your Smile's Integrity With Dental Implants

By Garlitz Dentistry
July 01, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out the many benefits that dental implants will afford your toothless smile.

Trying to figure out what dental restoration will give you back your full, healthy smile? Instead of combing the Internet for weeks trying to dental implantsweigh the pros and cons of each treatment, isn’t it time you talked to your Columbia, SC dentist Dr. Kyle Garlitz about whether dental implants are right for you? Discover the advantages that come with choosing dental implants.

A Smile that Lasts

When it comes to replacing a missing tooth you want a restoration that is hardy and durable. After all, natural teeth are pretty tough and resilient so shouldn’t you expect the same of your restoration? While dentures and dental bridges are a better option for some patients, if you are otherwise in great health then getting a dental implant might be the best option. Because it permanently bonds together with the jawbone and surrounding tissue, you’ll get a restoration that’s as close to a natural tooth as possible.

Protect Your Health

There are a lot of other issues that can arise when you lose a tooth. The other healthy teeth will start to shift in an effort to fill the gap. This leaves teeth crooked and out of alignment. Then the jawbone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs and begins to recede and weaken. In turn, cheeks start to cave in and the chin line shortens, which can make a person appear older than they are. Before this happens, turn to your Columbia, SC cosmetic dentist to find out if implants are the right choice for you.

Revive Your Self-Confidence

No one has to tell you that dealing with missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious about being able to eat what you want or when talking to friends and colleagues. Before you start hiding your smile from the world it’s time you considered getting dental implants in Columbia, SC. Once you have your dental implant you’ll find renewed confidence in how you look and how you feel. You may also find yourself smiling more!

These are only a handful of the benefits you’ll enjoy with dental implants. If you want to treat your tooth loss with a treatment you can trust, then it’s high time you called Garlitz Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to schedule a dental implant consultation.