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By Garlitz Dentistry
November 06, 2019
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If you have suffered tooth loss or anticipate an extraction, what's your best tooth replacement option? Here at Garlitz Dentistry in dental  implantColumbia, SC, your dentist, Dr. Kyle Garlitz, restores damaged smiles with dental implants, the most secure and long-lasting way to fill gaps, restore oral function, and maintain bone in the jaw. Read on to learn how implants could be your path to a strong, complete smile.


After tooth loss

Your oral structure changes after you lose a tooth. The adjoining teeth shift position, moving toward the empty space. Your personal appearance changes, and so does your self-confidence. Furthermore, according to Dear Doctor, you can lose a full 25 percent of jawbone size and density within the first year of tooth loss, alone, an effect that traditional bridgework and dentures, sadly, cannot prevent.


Dental implants: a wonderful alternative

Dental implants are made of three parts:

  • A titanium screw placed right into the alveolar ridge of the jaw, serving as an artificial root
  • A metal extension post
  • A porcelain crown to recreate the function and appearance of a natural tooth

During a brief oral surgery at Garlitz Dentistry in Columbia, SC, your dentist will insert the implant into the empty tooth socket. Over time, your bone cells will grow around the device and fully integrate the titanium into the jaw. This bonding process is called osseointegration, and when complete, Dr. Garlitz will attach the post and crown to the initial piece, completing your brand new tooth!


Is it right for you?

Prior to the start of treatment, Dr. Garlitz carefully examines each of his prospective implant patients. Specifically, he wants to see enough bone in the jaw to support the titanium device, as well as that each patient does not have any concurrent issues with dental decay or gum disease. Don't worry—the vast majority of potential candidates end up qualifying for dental implants!


Why not explore dental implants?

Don't worry about your smile. Consult with Dr. Kyle Garlitz. He's an implant expert and will restore your smile, making it as though nothing ever happened. Phone the Columbia office team for an appointment today: (803) 736-8606.

By Garlitz Dentistry
January 04, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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A gap in your smile can have a negative effect on your wellbeing in more ways than one. Dental implants allow you to fill in your gap to breathe new life into your teeth. Find out more about dental implants with Dr. Kyle Garlitz at Garlitz Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC.

Are dental implants safe? 
Dental implants are FDA-approved and considered perfectly safe in most cases. In use for decades, implants’ permanent design and straightforward procedure set them apart from other tooth replacement options such as bridges. Implants are made from titanium, which is durable, long-lasting, and affordable.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants? 
Dental implants require that the patient have a strong at-home oral care routine to ensure that their natural teeth and implants both remain healthy and free from teeth decay. Additionally, implants require an adequate amount of bone in the area of the missing tooth to hold the implant’s fixture in place. Patients with significant bone atrophy may require a bone grafting procedure to rebuild the bone in the implant’s location.

Dental Implants in Columbia, SC

If you think dental implants could be the best tooth replacement option for you, consulting with your dentist allows you to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have. The process happens over the course of several months, which gives the bone around the implant plenty of time to grow around it. This is a process called osseointegration which holds the implant in place.

For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. Kyle Garlitz at Garlitz Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC. Call (803) 736-8606 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Garlitz today

By Garlitz Dentistry
October 29, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental ImplantAfter tooth loss, dental implants are instrumental to restoring your teeth and giving you a smile that you can feel confident about. Compared to other tooth replacement solutions, they are stronger, sturdier, and more permanent. See a dentist at Garlitz Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC, to learn if dental implants are an option for you.

Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants
When you have a denture device made, it is designed to superficially fill in gaps between your teeth. Dental implants do much more for your smile—in addition to replacing the crown that shows above your gum line, implants also replace the root of the tooth. They are fixed in place making it easier for you to eat and maintain good oral health. When it joins with healthy bone tissue, a dental implant can stay firmly anchored in your jaw for many years. You’ll only visit the dentist every 10 or so years to have the crown checked and replaced when necessary. 

Are Implants Right for You?
Patients who have had recent tooth loss or who just had a tooth extracted due to dental or gum disease are often the best candidates for dental implantation surgery. You must have dense and healthy bone tissue that can support this dental device in the long term. Implant-supported dentures can be designed for patients who struggle with multiple missing teeth. If you’re worried about discomfort during this minor surgical procedure, relax knowing that your Columbia, SC, dentist will provide you with a dental sedative.

How Long for Dental Implants?
Though you may have to wait several months to complete a dental implant treatment, each visit will likely be relatively short and simple. You'll need to schedule two visits a few months apart for the procedure to begin and be completed. The osseointegration process (bone fusing with the implant device) commonly takes between three to six months.

A Better Smile Thanks to Dental Implants
In many cases, the ideal go-to solution for a missing tooth is a dental implant or implant-supported device for stability and longevity. Contact Garlitz Dentistry at (803) 736-8606 for a consultation with Dr. Kyle Garlitz, a dentist who proudly serves the Columbia, SC, community.

By Garlitz Dentistry
June 07, 2018
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Dental ImplantModern dentistry offers many ways to replace missing teeth. Conventional fixed bridgework and dentures are two of them. However, the most effective, natural-looking and bone-building choice is the dental implant. Columbia dentist, Dr. Kyle Garlitz, offers these amazing prothetics in his state-of-the-art dental practice. Read more to see if dental implants from Garlitz Dentistry could be right for you.

A dental what?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is so lifelike it actually resides right in the patient's jaw bone--just like a real tooth. The single-tooth implant has three parts: a titanium screw, a metal alloy post and a realistic porcelain crown. Inserted during a simple in-office procedure at Garlitz Dentistry in Columbia, a dental implant immediately begins to rebuild bone in the empty tooth socket. Osseointegration, as medical experts call it, ensures a stable, strong bond between implant and jaw bone.

Dr. Garlitz carefully evaluates his prospective implant patients. They require:

  • Sufficient bone in the jaw to support the device
  • Healthy gum tissue
  • Good oral hygiene habits--brushing, flossing and getting check-ups and cleanings at Garlitz Dentistry
  • Patience, as osseointegration can take several months, says the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Why is an implant superior?

A dental implant is superior in appearance, function and longevity when compared to traditional bridgework or dentures. Old-style tooth replacements only rest on the gums and must be anchored to neighboring teeth with clasps or crowns, causing substantial wear and tear on these teeth. Slippage is a common problem, and invariably, bone and gums recede. Most conventional prosthetics require replacement or relining within a decade.

With dental implants, gums and jaw retain their natural shape and density. In fact, bone becomes stronger every time the patient bites and chews. And, dental implants have a high success rate--up to 98 percent, reports the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness. Your implants could last for the rest of your life!

Close those gaps

Gain self-confidence, great oral function and outstanding personal appearance with dental implants from Dr. Kyle Garlitz. He can help you determine if you could benefit from dental implants. Call Garlitz Dentistry today for a consultation. In Columbia, phone (803) 736-8606. In Lexington, call (803) 399-8236.

By Garlitz Dentistry
August 23, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Is your smile missing teeth? Tooth loss can affect your appearance and have many negative effects on your oral health. Dental implants dental implantsare the gold standard in the replacement of missing teeth. Garlitz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, which has offices in Columbia, SC, and Lexington, SC, offers a complete range of dental services, including dental implants. Keep reading to find out if you are a good candidate for implants.

1- You have missing teeth.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Tooth loss can ruin a nice smile and make you appear older than you really are. Dental implants can fill in your smile's gaps and take years off your look. Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth.

2- You have healthy gums.

Dental implants are intimately connected with the gum tissues and bone in the mouth. People who have periodontal disease, or gum disease, may not be viable candidates for implants. Gum disease is a bacterial infection of the gums and bone supporting the teeth.

3- You have good bone density.

You need a sufficient amount of bone in order to adequately support the dental implant. Some individuals who have bone loss in their jaw can still receive implants, but first, the bone must be rebuilt using a special procedure. You may require a bone graft if your bone is too thin and unable to support an implant.

4- You are not a smoker.

Cigarette smoking can be harmful to dental implants. Smoking hinders healing in the mouth. People who smoke are at greater risk of infection after surgery and may heal more slowly. When a dental implant is placed in a smoker, it is more likely to fail. If you're a smoker, your dentist will likely advise you to quit before undergoing the procedure.

5- You're in good health.

If you are healthy enough to have a tooth pulled, you are probably healthy enough to have dental implant surgery. Chronic diseases, such as leukemia or diabetes, may interfere with healing after dental implant surgery. Patients with these issues may not be good candidates for dental implants. Consult with a dentist to find out if dental implants are right for you.

Don't wait another minute- call Garlitz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at 803-736-8606 now to schedule an appointment in Columbia, SC. Call 803-399-8068 to schedule an appointment in Lexington, SC. Dental implants won't just enhance your appearance; they will also improve your life. With dental implants, you will feel more confident when smiling and talking to people. You will look and feel better. You will have a renewed quality of life!